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I just put together a new compilation of girls cumming as I eat and fuck their wonderfully orgasmic pussies. You can download all of the full length videos here. The female orgasm compilation starts with me missionary fucking one of my favorite girls, Lilianna West. Watch as I pound her teen pussy with my old cock then just as she’s done with her first wave of orgasms, I bury my face in her sweet teenage pussy. Then it’s Savanna’s turn to climax. I had just finished cleaning the cum off of Savanna Minx when I decided it would be fun to make her climax again. Starting with her tiny nipples and finishing with her clit, I gave her one more wave of orgasms before sending her home. The third orgasmic girl is Jonni Hennessy. We had made strawberry crepes and I was still craving something sweet so I threw Jonni on the table and proceeded to finger eat her sweet teen pussy until I could feel her climaxing on my finger. What a sweet teenage twat. The fourth cumming slut is Violet Little. Watch as I fuck her to orgasm in the missionary position.  After Jonni’s orgasm, you can watch Veronica Wild climb on top of me and ride me cowgirl to orgasm. And last on the compilation is Maxi Booty, one of my favorite orgasmic teen. Watch as she begs for my cock before throwing her head back and cumming. You should have felt her pussy contracting.

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Cute Girl Cums After Her Lover

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Richard Nailder is anything but a selfish lover and so when he see’s that his girl isn’t finished, he makes sure his lover gets her orgasm, even if it’s after he’s already blown his load all over his lover.  In this new Glass Mannequin video, the old man had already helped the amazingly sexy 18-year-old Savanna Minx  climax multiple times before he came all over her cute teen face but he could tell that this naughty teenager had at least one more orgasm left in her. In this free porn trailer you can see that the girl and the older man get along well and they are comfortable together. You can also see that their love-making completely unscripted, in fact, we’re lucky the camera crew hadn’t already shut the cameras off. Since Savanna Minx can climax from both clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration stimulating either the cervix or the g-spot, the old man presses slightly on her tummy, just above the pelvic bone and stimulates her g-spot from the outside while performing cunnilingus on the bubbly girl. Watch the skinny teenager’s body writhe in pleasure as she reaches the peak of her third orgasm of the day, see how her breathing gets irregular as the climax builds, and then right after she cums, her clit is very sensitive and as she says “it tickles”. This is very common for girls after they climax, especially multiple times. I can only imagine that a girl’s clit must feel a lot like the end of my penis right after I cum. It’s simple observations like this, combined with paying attention to your lover, that will help you be the guy that makes his girl climax, even if it’s after you have blown your own load.

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Sometimes in this business you get lucky and discovering the petite orgasm machine Savanna Minx. Savanna has only done two videos, one for Real Colorado Girls and this one, shot for Glass Mannequin but she’s had at least 5 orgasms in those two videos. Savanna cums both from clitoral stimulation as well as g-spot stimulation. In this first clip, I’m performing cunnilingus (eating pussy for you beginners) skinny on the 18-year-old Savanna Minx while playing with her perky little tits. Although she loves to have her nipples played with, it’s the way I work my tongue that’s making her cum so hard.

In the second clip, I’m pressing my fat cock against the tiny girl’s g-spot as I finger her clit till she cums, her tiny cunt was so fucking tight it was pushing my cock out of her tiny little teen pussy as she came for the second time in less than ten minutes. The video was shot today but will be on Glass Mannequin for your enjoyment soon.

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As much as I love to watch girls cumming there is nothing that beats the sensation of a girl cumming on your cock in a balls-deep vaginal orgasm – the kind of orgasm where the girls squeaks every time your throbbing cock slams against her cervix, causing her vagina to squeeze your cock as you hammer deep in here pulsating pussy. This was actually Alison’s first ever hardcore video and the first time she had ever had a big cock but this didn’t prevent her from having multiple orgasms during her first on-camera sex scene. In fact, she was cumming as Richard Nailder pulled out and covered her in his own warm sticky orgasm juice. Only on Bring Me Your Sister.

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