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There are only a few women that I know that cum as intensely as Violet but this girl is a real cummer and she’s not at all shy about it. Some girls have clitoral orgasms, some have vaginal orgasms and a few even have anal orgasms but most like a little stimulation of the clit either way. In this video Violet has a super strong vaginal orgasm as she rides a huge cock. You can see the entire video with two separate camera angles of Violet cumming at Glass Mannequin – join today¬† and I’ll give you free access to two additional sites featuring Violet.

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I first met Jayda a week after her 18th birthday and we’ve been friends ever since. During this time, I’ve filmed her having at least 20 orgasms and every time, she responds pretty much the same. Jayda is a “quiet cummer” but if you watch closely, you can see her breathing change as she gets close to her peak and as she cums her breathing gets real shallow,¬† her toes curl, her stomach muscles tighten, her pussy squeezes in rapid succession as she quivers in a short but intense orgasm. Jayda often giggles after having an orgasm and her clit is so sensitive that she doesn’t want you touching it after she cums. You can see more of Jayda by visiting Real Colorado Girls and checking out her real orgasm videos.

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